Red Pen Ink

Helping your website shine!

What I've done

My work spans mediums and formats. I've worked on restaurant websites, marketing flyers, fiction, cover letters, and more. I work with you to match the tone you're looking for and the image you want to project.


I do the web and more. Marketing yourself goes beyond the web for most businesses. Facebook, Twitter, Yelp and more can be invaluable, but don't forget about flyers, e-mail blasts, newsletters, menus... the list goes on. If it's got copy on it, it could probably use a proofreader.

About Me

My name is Renita Marjan. I've been a lover of language my entire life. I’ve been reading and absorbing language since I was a wee Renita. I’ve been writing for decades. I was a newspaper copy editor for four years – and won awards for my headline writing. I've done a lot of content management and development editing, and worked for Essendant in digital marketing for nearly 9 years. I've also done lots of copywriting, research, proofreading and more. I have references available by request.

When I'm not writing or editing, I enjoy photography, cooking, craft beer, reading and spending time with friends. I love Pixar movies and collect Mr Potato Heads.

I'm pretty much a giant nerd—but in a fun way. I'm plugged in to pop culture and the Internet, but I also value thoughtful dialogue and discourse.

So why hire an editor?

Not everyone is an English major. And that's okay. There are a lot of great web designers out there, and a lot of easy templates to help make your site look professional. That part is usually pretty simple. What's not as easy is making your copy shine. 

Don't you want your website to stand out from the pack? Design is a crucial part of that, but if the writing is either sparse or bloated, hastily written, badly punctuated or just not quite sparkling enough, you'll soon fade into the background. Having a well-written, thoroughly edited site gives you a leg up, and you'll look a lot more professional.

It's okay if you're not a great writer.
It takes time and work -- and a natural inclination toward it doesn't hurt either. I'm not terribly good at science. I can't do high-level math. My art skills are mediocre. But I'm a great writer and editor. We all have our strengths, and if yours aren't in writing and editing, consider hiring me.

I work with you. I want your website to have YOUR voice -- written the best way it can be. Whatever you want to say, I'll help you say it clearly, in the way you want it said, whether that's funny, lighthearted, academic or plainly. I adapt to your needs; I don't expect you to conform to mine.

I'm affordable and professional
. I'm experienced and work quickly and thoroughly. I can help you turn your site around in a matter of days, and my rates are reasonable and negotiable—it depends on how much you want done, and how fast you want it. I guarantee you'll be happy with the results, and if you're not, I'll keep working with you until you are.