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Services Offered

This is not an exhaustive list of things I can do -- I am happy to take on other kinds of writing, editing and proofreading projects as my time allows.

Proofreading: A basic, fairly quick read-over to catch punctuation, spelling and major grammar issues. Always a recommended last step before something is published.

Basic copy editing:
For fairly well-written copy that needs a thorough looking over, but not a lot of work. Looks at sentence structure, clarity of thought and organization of ideas as well as punctuation, spelling and grammar.

Heavy copy editing:
Same as basic but with copy that needs more work and more time spent. May require two or more rounds with client.

Developmental editing:
For when copy is sparse, ideas are unclear, and more development of ideas and themes are needed.

Fleshes out basic ideas or themes that have minimal or no copy associated with them. May be starting from scratch. Requires one or more meetings and may need more than one round to develop ideas and themes and write copy based on your needs.

Please note that my rates vary depending on how quickly you need your project edited and how in-depth the work is. I can give you a rough estimate based on industry standards, but this is subject to change (up or down) depending on the actual project.

Questions? Contact me at or use the Contact Us page.