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Welcome to Red Pen Ink

The red pen is a traditional symbol of correction, from teachers in grammar school on up to professional editors. Of course, most editing these days is done on computers, but there's nothing like wielding that red pen on an actual sheet of paper.

Are you a small business owner without much of a marketing department? Are you self-employed or a freelancer who self-promotes? Are you a graphic designer? Is your website big on design but short on copy? From basic grammar and spelling cleanup to in-depth editing, rewrites and marketing strategy, I can help. No job is too small, but I can also handle the big stuff. My passion is making copy shine, no matter what it's about.

My name is Renita Marjan. I'm a professional editor and writer with experience across mediums, in journalism, marketing and product management. And I'd like to help improve the websites of the world. I work with you to help improve the way your website looks and reads so you can impress potential clients and gain more business.

Interested? Want to know more? Contact me at or leave a comment. My rates are reasonable and negotiable, and I guarantee your satisfaction.